My World Plus Scam | Truth about MyWorldPlus business

My World Plus Scam – Truth about MyWorldPlus business

Is My World Plus scam? Here are real facts about My World Plus business opportunity.

Update (10 September 2011)

Today I cancelled my My World Plus membership to focus completely on Internet Marketing based on Site Build It. Though My World Plus helped me to make money I found I can earm more money from Internet Marketing by following the guidelines and training from Site Build It. However, the details on this website will help you to understand what is My World Plus and whether it is a scam.

I have tried many MLM and other home based business opportunities. We can clearly identify 3 types of businesses.

1. Scam
2. Not a scam, but you really cannot make much money.
3. Not a scam and you CAN make a lot of money.

I’ll provide everything you need to know about this business (my own experience) and let you decide whether My World Plus is a scam or falls in to one of the other two categorise mentioned above.

When did MyWorldPlus started?

It is very important to know how old the business that you are going to join. My World Plus started in March 2007.

What is MyWorldPlus business?

My World Plus is a membership based system. It is a business opportunity as well as a way to save money on groceries, shopping, restaurants, sporting events, movies, golf and many more.

The membership includes great savings personally for you as well as a business opportunity.

Great Savings

As a member you will be provided following saving options for everyday shopping.

1. Discount card that you can receive discounts from over 175,000 products and services over and over again. Burger King, The Body Shop, Budget Car Hire, Planet Hollywood, Sea World, RadioShack, Best Western, Papa Johns and Domino’s Pizza are just a few of them. The average discount is about 10% – 25%.

2. Discount coupons. These are just once-off discount coupons worth approximately $80 a month.

3. Cash back shopping. Earn up to 20% cash back at any of over 600 online stores. Few of them are Target, Dell, GAP, Sony, Starbucks and Office Depot.

The Business Opportunity

This is an international business opportunity. The Business Opportunity pays commissions for each person who joins MyWorldPlus using your link. And also pays monthly commissions based on all members who joined after you.

How Much Can you Earn?

When someone signs up to My World Plus through your link and purchases a membership you are paid an instant $25 commission. As those people share the products with others, they will earn the $25 Retail Bonus, and you will get an additional $8 override on any sales that they make!

My World Plus pays out on 2 more generation of sales. You’ll receive an additional $5 for all of your THIRD generation sales, AND an additional $3 for all of your FOURTH generation sales.

In addition to this, every month you are paid a share of the profits based on all members that joined after you. This increases every month as more and more members join My World Plus

How much does it cost to join My World Plus?

The cost is $69.95 for your first month and $19.95 per month thereafter. The membership includes the saving benefits as well as the business opportunity.

The things that I don’t like about MyWorldPlus

The business opportunity is great for people in any part of the world. However, when you consider discount card and vouchers there are not as many great discounts for people living outside USA. I live in Australia. There are only few hundred discounted products and services available in Australia.


Now you have enough information to decide whether MyWorldPlus is a scam.

NOTE: When you join My World Plus, select: “Option 3: I want to MAXIMIZE my earnings and sign up as BOTH a Member AND an Associate”. This will allow you to earn the most money.


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